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Name: Arya Stark
Canon: A Song Of Ice And Fire
Scrubs Color: Red
Visible Age: 16
Gender: Female
Height: 5’0
Physique: Lean, bordering on scrawny
Complexion: Fair
Hygiene: She keeps reasonably clean- she doesn’t care to be smelly, but she’s not concerned about a bit of dirt or grime.
Hair: brown, on the shorter side
Eyes: grey
Defining Marks: She has no real physical marks that easily identify her, other than her eye color being a fairly standard ‘Stark family trait’, and being left-handed.
Accent/Speech: Westerosi, specifically Northern to anyone who would be able to discern the difference.
Bearing/Demeanor: She’s definitely much sharper in personality than her siblings may remember, her sense of humor has gotten more pointed and dark, and she’s definitely lost quite a bit of her naivete about how the world works. Quite a bit of what she says and does is in an attempt to keep others at arms length, and as a result she’s found it more difficult to be more open to new people in general, or to show vulnerabilities in general.
Gait: Purposeful, not quite as impatient as when she was younger. She’s becoming more comfortable in her skin and it’s starting to show in her stride.
Habits: She’d gotten into the habit of rubbing the iron coin that she’d carried when uneasy or thinking, and despite no longer having it, she’ll still do the same with a random coin, a flat riverstone, or just rubbing her thumb against the side of her palm if she’s feeling especially uneasy. She still recites her list of people she means to kill before bed.
Skills: Archery, rapier, general self-defense, using knives both for fighting and general use. Some skill with hunting and trapping, general survival skills especially relating to cold-weather and forests. She also knows how to forage, though her knowledge of what to find is generally late fall and winter-based given the general weather that she grew up with and thus the plants they were most likely to come across.


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